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Travel Arrangements
Acquiring the best options for you is our goal. In order to do this, we provide you  several suggestions of itineraries and you can choose which is best for you. You cand select from a wide range of  transportation services: airplane, train, car and others.

Hotel & Accommodation
Feeling like home is what we think suits you, when you are travelling. Regardless of medical issues, you can either check in to clinic / hospital or choose from many lodging facilities that we recomand, so you and your companion will feel safe and comfortable.

Language Interpreters
Communication is a tool that BOOK MEDICAL TOURISM also provides you and your companion with. In case you require assistance in your native language, some of the most proffesional interpreters companies are at your disposal.

Documents Processing
Full privacy of your personal and medical data is being assured from our initial contact up to final medical procedure and follow-up. In the same time, on your departure BOOK MEDICAL TOURISM provides you the entire medical files from start until post –op recommendations. BOOK MEDICAL TOURISM is PERSONAL DATA OPERATOR according with international laws. Regardless the language your documents are sent to us, they can be translated and interpreted by authorized professionals. BOOK MEDICAL TOURISM is covering free of charge 4 pages of translations and the rest can be provided on your request.

Throughout your staying, you and your needs & desires are connected with us. You and your companion can choose from a list of city-tours, travel secrets of Bucharest or anywhere in Romania, spa & wellness resorts and many more. All these services are customized for you, by your PERSONAL MANAGER who is at your disposal 24 / 7.
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